Moon Magick: The Importance of Moon Phases

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Moon Magick: The Importance of Moon Phases

The Moon is mystifying.  It has its own energy and speaks a strange language that many don’t understand. The Moon is also an extension of Mother Earth.

She is called the Great Moon Goddess. She speaks to us by using phases of the moon, informing us when a new phase of the month has begun. This is when our personal power is at its peak and when it is time to let go.

To daily align all the elements of Mother Earth builds power and potency, helping to direct the energy to its destination.

As the month progresses, each phase of the moon delivers a different message. The phases are new moon, waxing, full, waning and dark of the moon.

These phases represent the cycles we live in life. We begin new journeys and keep going moving forward. We then find our strength and learn how to let go.

I find strength, wisdom and honor in working with the phases of the moon because it is all connected. Below is a description of the moon phases:  

New Moon: This is a time for new beginnings, creating new foundations in your life such as new romance, new job and financial opportunities, starting new projects, anything that creates a new direction in your life.

Waxing Moon: This is after the new moon and right before the full moon. This  is a good time for attracting what you want, keeping the flow alive with just about anything in your life, money, love and friendship

Full Moon: If you find yourself howling at the moon don’t be surprised by how captivating the moon is at this time. She is most powerful during this phase.

This is a time when strength, power, wisdom, self-empowerment and intuition is obtained. This is also a good time to honor female energy.

Waning Moon: This takes place after the full moon. Now it is time to put things in the past, removing obstacles, releasing fears, letting go of bad relationships, weight loss, putting things to a stop and or a close.

Dark of the Moon: Is a time to also banish things from your life. Break bad habits, let go of past love, etc. You can also do this during the waning moon.

Some prefer not to do any spells during the dark of the moon, preferring to use this time to decompress and reflect. For me, I enjoy doing a spell both during the waning and dark of the moon to release and cleanse the spirit.

However you decide to work with the phases of the moon, pay close attention to how she will speak to you.

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