The Power of Prayer


My friend Jamie and I were having an intense conversation about praying. She was frustrated and disheartened. She felt that spirit had not heard her prayer. Jamie's brother had been battling cancer and she prayed for a miracle.

 But unfortunately Jamie's brother passed away. As Jamie was expressing her feelings – mostly anger - I could tell both of our spirit guides were starting to communicate with each other and wanted in on our conversation.

One of my guides gently interrupted us and asked what miracle was Jamie hoping for? Jamie did not know how to answer the question. She just shrugged her shoulders and began to cry. I could feel her pain and as I was crying along with her, I could hear what both our guides wanted me to translate.

I completely understood the point of view the spirit guides wanted me to convey but explaining this to Jamie without sounding insensitive was another matter. It was time to go from “friend mode” to “psychic mode.” I took a deep breath and started to explain what the guides were telling me:

           “The Divine hears all prayers and always works for the Divine good of all. Your prayer in particular was received and answered. You wanted a miracle for your brother who had been in constant pain. The miracle was that your brother was set free from his pain and suffering. He was able to let go of what was keeping him bound to his pain. Some people endure more suffering than necessary. The fear of letting go is hard for most when they know their time is near.”

What spirit said was so true. I was getting daily reports from Jamie as to how her brother was in constant pain and the pain meds were not working anymore.

“Prayers are a complicated business. There is a lot that comes with answering payers. Everything must be in proper universal alignment.”

Then Jamie asked a great question. What can keep our prayers from being answered?”

“When prayers are not answered immediately there could be several reasons. For example, sometimes we need to learn certain lessons before that request can be answered. Of Course, this is not always the case. Some prayers just take more time to deliver and be answered.”

 Because time doesn't exist in the spirit world, our prayers are not always answered as quickly as we would like. We must always look at the bigger picture.
Our prayers get answered more then we think, spirit explained. But we often misunderstand how are prayers are being answered. When we set our expectations on how we think our prayer will or should be answered, we can sometimes feel disappointed.

Another thing spirit wanted to clarify is that there is no right or wrong way to pray. God, Buddha, the universe - however you define spirit - is always listening and praying right along with you.