Magical Meditations and Mercury Retrograde

I am excited to announce that I am posting a new "white light" meditation on my site, for you to download and use at your leisure. Future meditations will include "chakra clearing", "connecting with your higher-self", and "connecting with your spirit guides".

Photo c/o Dan Dangler

Photo c/o Dan Dangler


This Mercury retrograde will be in Aries- this is a fire sign, so hold on, it might be a bumpy ride. You might be more aggressive, agitated, and highly impulsive. Don’t forget to breathe… Please, think before you take action.

The following are some helpful tips:

Speaking and writing - Try not send an email or text impulsively if you're feeling annoyed or angry. The email or text might be misinterpreted.  During this time, you might tend to be a little more passionate, or aggressive, with your thoughts, words and feelings. If you’re having a conversation, and it starts to get confusing or frustrating, take the high-road and politely end it.

Electronics - Electronics, computers and networking systems can fail, so back your systems up! In the market for a new car, cell phone, computer or any other device? Look, but don’t purchase. It is best to wait for Mercury to go direct.

Transportation and traveling - For those of you who do a lot of driving this is a time to beware of the road. Pay extra attention to other drivers and be patient. Try not to rush or speed. There are constantly aggressive drivers, and when in retrograde, they seem to be everywhere! Take extra time to get to your destination.

Traveling by car? It’s a good idea to have your car serviced, from top to bottom. If something needs fixing, fix it! You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you happen to be flying, get to the airport a bit earlier than usual and make sure your bags are on your flight!

I hope these tips bring you some piece of of mind and make this retrograde a little more bearable.