The Elephant in the Room

May 17, 2017

The spirits have been talking to me a lot about looking at what we often avoid - our “elephants in the room.” We all at some point in life avoid what we don't want to see. We often do not want to pay attention to the “red flags” or the signs that spirit sends that are right in front of us, or at least in our peripheral vision. I can say without a doubt that I am guilty of this. Are you?

While avoiding the elephants in the room is a much easier solution than dealing with what we don't want to face, it can come back to bite us right where it hurts most! And all of a sudden it's too late to take the action you should have taken. You chose to ignore something that was intuitively gnawing at you. .

The “elephants” are the issues that have to be dealt with, like that frightful conversation with your partner that you just can't bring yourself to have, knowing your career path is at an impasse and decisions need to be made sooner rather than later. Or family matters, that when ignored just get worse and don't go away, such as health issues that need to be addressed or the day to day annoyances of life, like paying bills, or addressing that big pile of laundry in the corner of the room, etc.

Fear and the belief that you lack strength and courage can promote the avoidance of these issues. We can become haunted by what we choose to ignore or pretend that it does not exist, especially when it comes to the matter of the heart.

Spirit says no matter how hard we fight to ignore, sidestep or even fool ourselves by making great excuses as to why we don't need to look at that big pink and blue, polka dot elephant that's standing right in front of us, we only end up hurting ourselves and our life's journey in the process. Because when we continually ignore the elephants, most of the time the universe steps in and that's usually never pretty. We can get “bitch slapped” real hard, forcing us to wake up. The universe has a way of always giving the gift of a “reality check.” This creates an effect that forces us to deal with matters we are AVOIDING-

To play devil's advocate, I asked one of my spirit guides this simple question: “What's the worst thing that could happen if we just don't bother dealing with our issues?” Spirit said, “When things are avoided, or left suspended with no resolution, your life has a harder time moving forward. This means the rhythm to your life can be off balance. It can make make you feel “off center.” It can also distract you from filling your life's purposes. The choice is always up to you!”

Spirit reminds us that we are never truly alone and there is always guidance if you seek it. You can draw strength and courage from your spirit guides. Call on them any time; anywhere.

You can say something like this: “I call on my beloved spirit guides to guide me, to tap into my inner wisdom; grace and strength to get me to take action in my life.”