Welcome to 2019


With 2018 behind us, many (me included) wonder what life has in store for the new year.  Most of us do our best to set our intentions, and put our resolutions into motion with great hopes that 2019 will be a special year.

 As we create these rituals and intentions, we are furthering our life's journey.  Each new year begins with a better perspective. We have grown and learned from our past experiences. We can take what we learned, and overcame, to make better choices in the coming year. Our newfound wisdom and insight can help guide us  through 2019 and beyond. 

Our experiences - good and bad - are what bring us light, wisdom and insight. We can easily tap into the inner wisdom that we may have fought so hard to gain.

I recommend that when you feel like you are lacking direction, you can tap into your inner wisdom by doing the following exercise:

1) Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

2) Make an intention that you want to tap into your inner wisdom.

3) Take a few slow deep breaths as you are setting your intention. This can take a few minutes.  You want your body relaxed.

4) When you’re ready, envision white light streaming down your whole body and into your solar plexus (3rd chakra). Say out loud “I now connect to my inner wisdom.”  Allow your body to keep streaming white light into your 3rd chakra, until you begin to feel the light slowing down, and stop.

This simple exercise can help you regain your focus and direction whenever you feel you are losing your perspective on your New Year goals.

I wish you peace and blessings in the world, and hope you attain all your goals!

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