Changing the World


Hello everyone and happy 2018!
My spirit guides and I have been talking about the energy of our planet, and not just from a political point of view but more from an energetic perspective. So, I thought I would start off this year’s first newsletter by talking about our lovely planet.
Like us, this beautiful, blue planet, called Earth, is a living, breathing being. It is alive and all that lives within it has an energy system. This system has an energetic force field. This force field is the equivalent of our auric field.  Our aura vibrates at different frequencies and changes colors, depending on our state of mind, how we emotionally feel and what we experience in our lives and in our environment.
The Earth’s energy system works in the same way. The whole planet has an energetic body and is affected by the energy of the Earth and its inhabitants. Each living being that is a part of Earth’s natural habitat has a purpose. Each being works together to maintain nature’s balance, while holding the light of the universe. This light works to help counteract negative energies.  
Our thoughts can affect the energy of the planet and all that live in its habitat.  How we react to one another, and how we take action, has an energetic impact to the planet. We often don’t realize how powerful our thoughts and actions are on an energetic level. They are powerful!
Mother Earth is intuitive, empathic and sensitive to its core. She reacts to its atmosphere, just as we do. Of course earth does not cry, have anxiety attacks or get the common cold, but  it does react to how she is being treated.  
Working together, we can raise the vibration of the planet while we raise our own vibration to a higher consciousness by simply becoming more aware of our thoughts and actions.