Welcome to 2019


With 2018 behind us, many (me included) wonder what life has in store for the new year.  Most of us do our best to set our intentions, and put our resolutions into motion with great hopes that 2019 will be a special year.

 As we create these rituals and intentions, we are furthering our life's journey.  Each new year begins with a better perspective. We have grown and learned from our past experiences. We can take what we learned, and overcame, to make better choices in the coming year. Our newfound wisdom and insight can help guide us  through 2019 and beyond. 

Our experiences - good and bad - are what bring us light, wisdom and insight. We can easily tap into the inner wisdom that we may have fought so hard to gain.

I recommend that when you feel like you are lacking direction, you can tap into your inner wisdom by doing the following exercise:

1) Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

2) Make an intention that you want to tap into your inner wisdom.

3) Take a few slow deep breaths as you are setting your intention. This can take a few minutes.  You want your body relaxed.

4) When you’re ready, envision white light streaming down your whole body and into your solar plexus (3rd chakra). Say out loud “I now connect to my inner wisdom.”  Allow your body to keep streaming white light into your 3rd chakra, until you begin to feel the light slowing down, and stop.

This simple exercise can help you regain your focus and direction whenever you feel you are losing your perspective on your New Year goals.

I wish you peace and blessings in the world, and hope you attain all your goals!

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Venus & Mercury Go Retrograde

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It’s that time again, when that lovely planet, Venus, goes retrograde. And, we'll get a double-header, because soon after this retrograde is done, we will be hit with the last Mercury retrograde of the year! Venus goes retrograde almost every year and a half, for 6 weeks. This year, Venus retrograde will be in Scorpio and will begin October 6th and last through November 16th. 
So, what can we expect? Sexual tension, jealousy, lack of self-control, rekindling old love and friendships, but it's also a good time to channel our creative side.
Expect more sexual tension that can erupt if not channeled in a positive way.  But, it is also a good time to “go within” and reevaluate ourselves and what we value.
For those of us that love to shop, we can become impulsive during this time, so please be careful before buying any luxury items. Are you thinking of remodeling your office or home? If so, it may be wise to wait. Also, this is not the best time to do any cosmetic procedures!
If you’re currently in a relationship and there are issues that are being swept under the rug, or you and your partner are already on shaky ground, things can get a bit heated. Old wounds and feelings will resurface. This would be a good time to talk out your issues. On the other hand, if you and your partner are in a good place your passion levels could heat up!
Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius November 16th – December 6th
I know it seems like Mercury is always in retrograde. The good news is that we don’t have to endure another one till March 2019!  
This retrograde may make you feel more adventurous and thirsty for knowledge, so don’t be surprised if you want to take a class, or go back to school, or reconnect to old spiritual practices. You may even to want to explore a new spiritual practice or religion.
As with any Mercury retrograde, we should think twice before we talk, text or email. Especially this one! We can become a little chattier and more free with our words, and that can later backfire.  

Traveling may get a bit frantic, so expect delays.  Double-check to make sure you have everything before traveling.
This is a good time to catch up with things that you might have been putting off, like renewing any certificates and getting together with friends and family that you don’t see very often.

Connecting With Your Inner Spirit


Life can get awfully crazy and hectic. That is why it so important that we remember to breathe and never neglect our inner spirit. 
As we go through our daily tasks and responsibilities, our inner spirit is what connects us to our higher-self, which helps us listen to our inner voice and spirit guides.
When these parts of us are connected, we are in rhythm with our lives and have balance with our inner spirit. It means we can navigate our daily lives with our own intuition, giving us a better opportunity to listen to the messages our spirit guides and higher-selves have for us.
The messages help guide us on our life path and allow us to navigate our daily life with clarity, wisdom, insight and faith. When we don’t make the time to connect with the self, we can feel the imbalance in our lives and loss of direction. When this happens, our mental and emotional state of mind can become affected.
So, we must take action!
Taking time to connect with our inner spirit is vital, if we are striving for a harmonious, loving and prosperous life. When there is balance with the inner spirit we also have a
better understanding of our life path, and an intuition of the lessons that must be learned and how to take action. So, how does one connect with the inner spirit? It’s simple – make time for yourself!
That means you need to take the time to discover the things that help you connect with your inner spirit. If you don’t already know what helps you connect, here are some ideas: jogging, yoga, meditating, being in nature, taking a hike, keeping a journal, etc.
As you make this a practice that fits your lifestyle, you will begin to feel your inner spirit in harmony with your life.

Magical Meditations and Mercury Retrograde

I am excited to announce that I am posting a new "white light" meditation on my site, for you to download and use at your leisure. Future meditations will include "chakra clearing", "connecting with your higher-self", and "connecting with your spirit guides".

Photo c/o Dan Dangler

Photo c/o Dan Dangler


This Mercury retrograde will be in Aries- this is a fire sign, so hold on, it might be a bumpy ride. You might be more aggressive, agitated, and highly impulsive. Don’t forget to breathe… Please, think before you take action.

The following are some helpful tips:

Speaking and writing - Try not send an email or text impulsively if you're feeling annoyed or angry. The email or text might be misinterpreted.  During this time, you might tend to be a little more passionate, or aggressive, with your thoughts, words and feelings. If you’re having a conversation, and it starts to get confusing or frustrating, take the high-road and politely end it.

Electronics - Electronics, computers and networking systems can fail, so back your systems up! In the market for a new car, cell phone, computer or any other device? Look, but don’t purchase. It is best to wait for Mercury to go direct.

Transportation and traveling - For those of you who do a lot of driving this is a time to beware of the road. Pay extra attention to other drivers and be patient. Try not to rush or speed. There are constantly aggressive drivers, and when in retrograde, they seem to be everywhere! Take extra time to get to your destination.

Traveling by car? It’s a good idea to have your car serviced, from top to bottom. If something needs fixing, fix it! You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you happen to be flying, get to the airport a bit earlier than usual and make sure your bags are on your flight!

I hope these tips bring you some piece of of mind and make this retrograde a little more bearable.

Changing the World


Hello everyone and happy 2018!
My spirit guides and I have been talking about the energy of our planet, and not just from a political point of view but more from an energetic perspective. So, I thought I would start off this year’s first newsletter by talking about our lovely planet.
Like us, this beautiful, blue planet, called Earth, is a living, breathing being. It is alive and all that lives within it has an energy system. This system has an energetic force field. This force field is the equivalent of our auric field.  Our aura vibrates at different frequencies and changes colors, depending on our state of mind, how we emotionally feel and what we experience in our lives and in our environment.
The Earth’s energy system works in the same way. The whole planet has an energetic body and is affected by the energy of the Earth and its inhabitants. Each living being that is a part of Earth’s natural habitat has a purpose. Each being works together to maintain nature’s balance, while holding the light of the universe. This light works to help counteract negative energies.  
Our thoughts can affect the energy of the planet and all that live in its habitat.  How we react to one another, and how we take action, has an energetic impact to the planet. We often don’t realize how powerful our thoughts and actions are on an energetic level. They are powerful!
Mother Earth is intuitive, empathic and sensitive to its core. She reacts to its atmosphere, just as we do. Of course earth does not cry, have anxiety attacks or get the common cold, but  it does react to how she is being treated.  
Working together, we can raise the vibration of the planet while we raise our own vibration to a higher consciousness by simply becoming more aware of our thoughts and actions.

Moon Magick: The Importance of Moon Phases

moon phases.jpg

Moon Magick: The Importance of Moon Phases

The Moon is mystifying.  It has its own energy and speaks a strange language that many don’t understand. The Moon is also an extension of Mother Earth.

She is called the Great Moon Goddess. She speaks to us by using phases of the moon, informing us when a new phase of the month has begun. This is when our personal power is at its peak and when it is time to let go.

To daily align all the elements of Mother Earth builds power and potency, helping to direct the energy to its destination.

As the month progresses, each phase of the moon delivers a different message. The phases are new moon, waxing, full, waning and dark of the moon.

These phases represent the cycles we live in life. We begin new journeys and keep going moving forward. We then find our strength and learn how to let go.

I find strength, wisdom and honor in working with the phases of the moon because it is all connected. Below is a description of the moon phases:  

New Moon: This is a time for new beginnings, creating new foundations in your life such as new romance, new job and financial opportunities, starting new projects, anything that creates a new direction in your life.

Waxing Moon: This is after the new moon and right before the full moon. This  is a good time for attracting what you want, keeping the flow alive with just about anything in your life, money, love and friendship

Full Moon: If you find yourself howling at the moon don’t be surprised by how captivating the moon is at this time. She is most powerful during this phase.

This is a time when strength, power, wisdom, self-empowerment and intuition is obtained. This is also a good time to honor female energy.

Waning Moon: This takes place after the full moon. Now it is time to put things in the past, removing obstacles, releasing fears, letting go of bad relationships, weight loss, putting things to a stop and or a close.

Dark of the Moon: Is a time to also banish things from your life. Break bad habits, let go of past love, etc. You can also do this during the waning moon.

Some prefer not to do any spells during the dark of the moon, preferring to use this time to decompress and reflect. For me, I enjoy doing a spell both during the waning and dark of the moon to release and cleanse the spirit.

However you decide to work with the phases of the moon, pay close attention to how she will speak to you.

Photo credits: Top photo c/o bigstockphoto.com/Kagenmi. Bottom photo c/o David Reneke

Balancing our Male and Female Energy


We all transmit an equal amount of male and female energy. Ideally, you want to use both equally, but that can be a challenge. Most of us lack that balance. Our masculine side can be a safe haven, because it represents power, authority, leadership and control.

I have noticed that women in particular have a tendency to carry more male energy. This is especially true of working moms, women that work in a male-dominated work force, have powerful positions, are the family breadwinner or simply don't have a choice, and need to take the lead.

Men, on the other hand, can neglect their feminine side altogether or have a hard time embracing it.

When we neglect the female part of ourselves(and most of the time this is on an- unconscious level), we are only channeling half of our energy. It's like functioning with half our body parts. This can offset our life force, creating energetic roadblocks which can make it that much more of a challenge to achieve our goals. This can also result in feeling stagnate with our lives. Health issues can arise, along with moodiness.

Male and female energy are supposed to work together, to create balance on each level of consciousness (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). This may be the goal, but we can get in our own way without realizing it. So, how do we find the balance or re-claim our feminine side? First, we must take a step back and look at areas where we might be lacking.

Work/Play/Replenish - If you are a single parent, business owner or workaholic, then play time is a necessary outlet. How do you like to play and have fun? Maybe it is time to connect with your inner child. Do whatever gives you joy. It's important to replenish and nurture your mind, body and spirit. If your idea of playing is a day a the spa, then have some fun and pamper yourself. Replenishing your energy will help keep you in balance.

Authority/Leadership/Control/Surrender - Those of us that have a Type A personality, love being in leadership roles or just love being in control, try to surrender for even just 5 minutes a day. Ask yourself what you can let go of today. Who can you trust that can take the lead for just one day?

Aggressive/Active/Stillness/Relaxing - If you have an aggressive nature, active lifestyle, love daily hardcore workouts, etc., it's important to replenish. Stop and take a breath. Learn how to chill at the beach or sit by the pool and soak up some sun. Relax and enjoy a good book. Some form of stillness gives your mind, body and spirit the rest it needs to be back in balance.

Logic/Analytical Creativity/Intuition - If you are a passionate thinker, love working with numbers and equations, have a tendency to over-analyze or perhaps have difficulty with your emotions, then it may be time for a new approach. Life isn't always black and white. Sometimes there are gray areas. Instead of just thinking things through, try to feel your way through.

Find at least 5 minutes a day where you just sit with yourself and listen within. Hear what your higher self is trying to tell you. Meditation can open you up to your intuition. Another way to get in touch with your inner-self is by being creative.

Working to achieve awareness and balance can take time, but if you put your intention into doing so, it will be so.


The Elephant in the Room

May 17, 2017

The spirits have been talking to me a lot about looking at what we often avoid - our “elephants in the room.” We all at some point in life avoid what we don't want to see. We often do not want to pay attention to the “red flags” or the signs that spirit sends that are right in front of us, or at least in our peripheral vision. I can say without a doubt that I am guilty of this. Are you?

While avoiding the elephants in the room is a much easier solution than dealing with what we don't want to face, it can come back to bite us right where it hurts most! And all of a sudden it's too late to take the action you should have taken. You chose to ignore something that was intuitively gnawing at you. .

The “elephants” are the issues that have to be dealt with, like that frightful conversation with your partner that you just can't bring yourself to have, knowing your career path is at an impasse and decisions need to be made sooner rather than later. Or family matters, that when ignored just get worse and don't go away, such as health issues that need to be addressed or the day to day annoyances of life, like paying bills, or addressing that big pile of laundry in the corner of the room, etc.

Fear and the belief that you lack strength and courage can promote the avoidance of these issues. We can become haunted by what we choose to ignore or pretend that it does not exist, especially when it comes to the matter of the heart.

Spirit says no matter how hard we fight to ignore, sidestep or even fool ourselves by making great excuses as to why we don't need to look at that big pink and blue, polka dot elephant that's standing right in front of us, we only end up hurting ourselves and our life's journey in the process. Because when we continually ignore the elephants, most of the time the universe steps in and that's usually never pretty. We can get “bitch slapped” real hard, forcing us to wake up. The universe has a way of always giving the gift of a “reality check.” This creates an effect that forces us to deal with matters we are AVOIDING-

To play devil's advocate, I asked one of my spirit guides this simple question: “What's the worst thing that could happen if we just don't bother dealing with our issues?” Spirit said, “When things are avoided, or left suspended with no resolution, your life has a harder time moving forward. This means the rhythm to your life can be off balance. It can make make you feel “off center.” It can also distract you from filling your life's purposes. The choice is always up to you!”

Spirit reminds us that we are never truly alone and there is always guidance if you seek it. You can draw strength and courage from your spirit guides. Call on them any time; anywhere.

You can say something like this: “I call on my beloved spirit guides to guide me, to tap into my inner wisdom; grace and strength to get me to take action in my life.”

The Power of Prayer


My friend Jamie and I were having an intense conversation about praying. She was frustrated and disheartened. She felt that spirit had not heard her prayer. Jamie's brother had been battling cancer and she prayed for a miracle.

 But unfortunately Jamie's brother passed away. As Jamie was expressing her feelings – mostly anger - I could tell both of our spirit guides were starting to communicate with each other and wanted in on our conversation.

One of my guides gently interrupted us and asked what miracle was Jamie hoping for? Jamie did not know how to answer the question. She just shrugged her shoulders and began to cry. I could feel her pain and as I was crying along with her, I could hear what both our guides wanted me to translate.

I completely understood the point of view the spirit guides wanted me to convey but explaining this to Jamie without sounding insensitive was another matter. It was time to go from “friend mode” to “psychic mode.” I took a deep breath and started to explain what the guides were telling me:

           “The Divine hears all prayers and always works for the Divine good of all. Your prayer in particular was received and answered. You wanted a miracle for your brother who had been in constant pain. The miracle was that your brother was set free from his pain and suffering. He was able to let go of what was keeping him bound to his pain. Some people endure more suffering than necessary. The fear of letting go is hard for most when they know their time is near.”

What spirit said was so true. I was getting daily reports from Jamie as to how her brother was in constant pain and the pain meds were not working anymore.

“Prayers are a complicated business. There is a lot that comes with answering payers. Everything must be in proper universal alignment.”

Then Jamie asked a great question. What can keep our prayers from being answered?”

“When prayers are not answered immediately there could be several reasons. For example, sometimes we need to learn certain lessons before that request can be answered. Of Course, this is not always the case. Some prayers just take more time to deliver and be answered.”

 Because time doesn't exist in the spirit world, our prayers are not always answered as quickly as we would like. We must always look at the bigger picture.
Our prayers get answered more then we think, spirit explained. But we often misunderstand how are prayers are being answered. When we set our expectations on how we think our prayer will or should be answered, we can sometimes feel disappointed.

Another thing spirit wanted to clarify is that there is no right or wrong way to pray. God, Buddha, the universe - however you define spirit - is always listening and praying right along with you.

Venus in Retrograde


March 2017

Hello everyone, Happy March! Can you believe that spring is almost here?! Spring is a time of renewal. Venus retrograde will be in effect during spring equinox, so not only will you feel the renewal energy of spring but also Venus is asking you to take a step back and reevaluate your relationships.

I know most of you are familiar with mercury retrograde, which happens about three to four times a year. Beautiful Venus only goes retrograde about every 18-19 months. (Thank the gods for that)!

Venus governs love, beauty, romance, loyalty, luxuries, values, socializing and the arts. So how may this Venus retrograde affect you? Let’s break it down:

Relationships: If you’re in the market for romance and are looking for the right partner or are dating, this is not the best time to make any decisions. Getting a relationship to work smoothly during this time may be challenging. So ride out this period, take a step back and enjoy the process.

Eye-opening revelations can occur so try to pay extra attention to the red flags that all of us try so desperately not to encounter. Try not to get emotionally involved too quickly. Take this time to get to know your potential mate with no expectations. Ask yourself if you both share the same value system.

However, if you are married or in a partnership, old issues that have not been resolved can resurface, creating some tension. This includes emotional triggers that set both parties off, causing hurt feelings. You and your partner may have deep meaningful conversations about the relationship, so hidden anger may surface.

If there has been distrust in the marriage/partnership, issues of loyalty and monogamy can get brought up, so for those of you who have had an affair (no judgment) please be cautious.

For those of you who are in the process of divorce or a breakup, I can’t sugar coat it. Feelings may get hurt and old emotional attachments can resurface. But most of the time it is temporary.

Some may work on making peace with the old relationship and find a lesson to be learned. But if you’re not on the best speaking terms, try and avoid communication. If you must communicate, try to keep it light, simple and friendly. And try not to sign any legal documents!

Social Gathering with friends and family: Don’t be surprised if all you want to do is sit with yourself on a Saturday night. Or if you are with friends or family you may tend to be a bit quiet and reflective, looking at others with immense clarity. This means seeing the ugliness in people you may have avoided in the past. Especially with family we can more easily dismiss bad behavior. If there are old family feuds, chances are they will resurface.

Beauty/Luxuries: If your eyeing that fancy watch, car, or any extravagances (this includes engagement rings) you may want to wait until Venus goes back direct. Also, now is not the time to be having any cosmetic surgery or Botox treatments.

Take this time to be kind to yourself. If you’re doing deep inner reflecting, this is a great time to reevaluate what is important to you. Ask yourself what do you need to improve in your relationships, friends, family romance and business partners. If you feel that certain partnerships are no longer working for you, be brave enough to find a peaceful way to end it.