Things to Love About Mercury Retrograde

Things to Love About Mercury Retrograde

August 12th to September 5th

Mercury is again in retrograde! But it’s not all bad. Believe it or not, there can be benefits. When I tell my clients and friends that Mercury is about to go into retrograde they immediately give me a look of panic, and they almost all say the same thing: “Mercury is always going retrograde!”

Yes, it would seem so, but actually it goes into retrograde only about three or four times a year. Most of us know that when Mercury is in retrograde it has a huge impact on communication, electronics, and anything that moves - cars, trains, planes, etc. We know that we should pay closer attention to detail, not start new projects or sign contracts and always make sure our cell phones are charged.  And no drunk texting. That can be very dangerous!

But…have you thought about the benefits that Mercury in Retrograde can offer?

 What I love about Mercury in Retrograde is the fact that it gives us the opportunity to slow down our busy and sometimes crazy lives. It can force us to rethink the plans we have made, especially when we are going through rough times. Mercury in Retrograde can make us feel like we are being dragged through the mud, but if we pay close attention we will come to know that Mercury has many gifts to offer during this time.

The benefits of Mercury in Retrograde

 1) Rekindling relationships with loved ones- One of the most common things to happen during Mercury in Retrograde is running into people we have not seen for a while, (especially old flames we still carry a torch for), as well as connecting with friends and family. I have a good friend that I only see when Mercury happens to be in retrograde, and the funny thing is, we always seem to have a great time.

2) Traveling to our favorite destinations- I know people try to avoid travelling during this time, but many of those who do often visit places that wind up becoming some of their favorite vacation spots.

3) Catching up on stuff- Because this period can slow down projects, we often delay plans and at times feel as though we are in suspension mode. Yet Mercury in Retrograde can also give us a chance catch up on things that we have been putting off, just could not find time for or have been avoiding. We often find that the universe steps in and gives us the extra push we need. In the end, completing that project usually ends up being a blessing. It’s always good to feel a sense of accomplishment!

4) The Truth shall set you free- This is a big one! For those of us that are soul searching, this can be a great time to go within to find our inner truths.  Somehow the answers that we may be seeking and the clarity we are searching for can come our way.