What The Hell Is Going On?

So what the hell is going on with this world right now??  That’s the question a lot of my clients have asked me lately. It seems like every day I receive a text, email or phone call asking me “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?”

The spirits that I work with say that what we are experiencing is like an earthquake and the whole world better wake up!  It is time for humanity to raise its collective consciousness.  

 Why did Trump win? This is the trillion-dollar question. Mr. Trump (not my President) is the storm that has been slowly brewing. He is a conduit to bring some ugly things to the surface. So, thank you Mr. Trump, because you are helping to shine a light on things that have been swept under the rug for far too long.

Now, I have no love for this president, but as my spirit guides say, we can thank him for being the energy that is bringing forth change that we so desperately need! But with change comes chaos.  Trump is the face of what needs to be looked at. The ugly truths of what have been ignored.

One of my spirit guides said ”Who do you think could do a better job of shaking things up than Donald Trump? You need an energy that is aggressively loud, that will force people to make choices and take a stand for what is right.”

Trump was the best choice to shake things up. Sometimes the negative energy can be a huge blessing.  

Sometimes we need an energy that is abrasive, loud, and obnoxious, with mouth dropping stupidity, in order to bring to the surface issues that have never been dealt with adequately before.

When we resist the movement for higher consciousness we allow the negative and dark energy to flourish.  Now we have a choice.  At some point, we all have to make a choice.  Like the old slogan says, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”  

It seems like every day something new in the world is being introduced. Another app to do our shopping, another version of a phone (wait, didn’t I just buy a new phone last year?).

How do we cope? Well, first make sure you are always breathing. I know that may sound silly, but we forget to breathe.  Stop everything. Turn off the cell phone, computer and TV. Take a beat. Focus on your breathing…breathe slowly….until you start to feel grounded…

Breathe in the white light and exhale all the tension, anger and sadness.

Once you feel grounded, it’s time to get mad! Use your anger in a positive way and take action that will shine a light on the darkness in the world. Reach out and help somebody. Connect with your community and help bring change.  If you see an injustice, don’t ignore it! If you see someone in pain don’t ignore them! Pay attention to what is happening right in front of you. 

Don’t add to the disrespect in the community and lack of civil discourse. Always seek the higher path.  And smile just to smile…

Now, more than ever, is our time – and opportunity – to make a difference.

Things to Love About Mercury Retrograde

Things to Love About Mercury Retrograde

August 12th to September 5th

Mercury is again in retrograde! But it’s not all bad. Believe it or not, there can be benefits. When I tell my clients and friends that Mercury is about to go into retrograde they immediately give me a look of panic, and they almost all say the same thing: “Mercury is always going retrograde!”

Yes, it would seem so, but actually it goes into retrograde only about three or four times a year. Most of us know that when Mercury is in retrograde it has a huge impact on communication, electronics, and anything that moves - cars, trains, planes, etc. We know that we should pay closer attention to detail, not start new projects or sign contracts and always make sure our cell phones are charged.  And no drunk texting. That can be very dangerous!

But…have you thought about the benefits that Mercury in Retrograde can offer?

 What I love about Mercury in Retrograde is the fact that it gives us the opportunity to slow down our busy and sometimes crazy lives. It can force us to rethink the plans we have made, especially when we are going through rough times. Mercury in Retrograde can make us feel like we are being dragged through the mud, but if we pay close attention we will come to know that Mercury has many gifts to offer during this time.

The benefits of Mercury in Retrograde

 1) Rekindling relationships with loved ones- One of the most common things to happen during Mercury in Retrograde is running into people we have not seen for a while, (especially old flames we still carry a torch for), as well as connecting with friends and family. I have a good friend that I only see when Mercury happens to be in retrograde, and the funny thing is, we always seem to have a great time.

2) Traveling to our favorite destinations- I know people try to avoid travelling during this time, but many of those who do often visit places that wind up becoming some of their favorite vacation spots.

3) Catching up on stuff- Because this period can slow down projects, we often delay plans and at times feel as though we are in suspension mode. Yet Mercury in Retrograde can also give us a chance catch up on things that we have been putting off, just could not find time for or have been avoiding. We often find that the universe steps in and gives us the extra push we need. In the end, completing that project usually ends up being a blessing. It’s always good to feel a sense of accomplishment!

4) The Truth shall set you free- This is a big one! For those of us that are soul searching, this can be a great time to go within to find our inner truths.  Somehow the answers that we may be seeking and the clarity we are searching for can come our way.

Haunted House Guest


Haunted House Guest

 I have a story to tell you. I once had a ghost as my roommate. I lived in this old multi-level complex. This place had a lot of history. The area outside my bedroom doors used to be a lake. It had been converted from small housing for the guests, actors and executives of a movie studio.

After learning some of the history of the building, I was not surprised to find a ghost in my home. Artists and creative types carry a lot of emotional energy.

Her name was Marilyn (no, not Marilyn Monroe), and she lived in my bathroom. She never stepped out of that area. Marilyn was very quiet. She never interfered or intruded, but when it came to her living quarters - my bathroom - she was not always so accommodating. She would firmly but nicely ask me how long I would be while I was taking a shower.

And she hated visitors. So, when my clients would use the restroom, some would say to me “do you know you have a ghost in your bathroom?” I would smile and I’d say, “Yes, I know… “

Marilyn had a tragic passing. She was murdered in her bathtub by her sailor boyfriend. How did I know? As I was taking a bath one evening after a very long day, I started a conversation with her. I asked her if she wanted to go into the light. Instead of answering me, she wanted to tell me how she had died.

She asked me to be still for a moment because she wanted to show me what had happened to her. I said okay. Suddenly, as I was lying in the tub, a man came from behind me. He was wearing a sailor uniform.  He pushed my head down under the water. It literally felt like I was drowning! 

It was as if I was becoming Marilyn. “This is how I died,” she said sadly.  Then suddenly I was myself again and jumped out of the tub. That was the last time I ever took a bath in my home.

My story is like many that I have heard from people that have had hauntings and spirit activity in their homes. I was one of the lucky ones. My houseguest was friendly. Despite the bathtub incident she was the best roommate! Many, homes, apartments, and commercial buildings often have spirit activity.  Maybe even yours...

By spirit activity I am talking about the sense that you’re not alone, when you feel an unseen presence around you, Sound scary? Well, I won’t lie. It can be scary, but most of the time spirits are harmless.

To some it might seem unbelievable that a spirit would linger here on the earthly plane instead of going on to a better place where there is peace and you are free of judgment, pain and suffering.

But not all spirits are ready to leave earth or they may have unfinished lessons that must be learned. If a lesson needs to be learned sometimes the soul will choose to stay on the earthly realm and continue to learn that lesson until it feels it is ready to move on. Others have a choice to be "bi-coastal," meaning they live in both worlds - here on Earth and also on the other side. They commute!

 That may sound strange to you but believe it or not some spirits love the earth plane because of its earthly pleasures. They find comfort in walking with the living and sharing their experiences and some come to gain knowledge of what the human spirit is all about. We never stop learning even when we’re a spirit.

 Some spirits can become trapped here for a variety of reasons. They may have had a tragic death due to murder, suicide or accident.

You also may have the spirit bully. Yes, believe it or not they do exist even when they’re not in a body. These “spirit bullies” as I call them, were once angry, mean-spirited human beings who now have become their shadow selves in spirit form. These spirit bullies haunt the living to feel a sense of power and control.

However, you might be one of the lucky ones who have friends and family that have passed on watching over you, aiding your spirit guides

When friends and family are your guests you are truly blessed!

You will find that friends and family spirits come and go. As I said before these are the spirits that “commute.”  And some like to hang about and keep you company even when you are not asking for it.

There are no rules as to why a particular home, building or surrounding has spirit activity.  Most of the time spirit activity will occur where there have been violent, emotional or historic memories that leave extremely strong energetic imprints. Just as a spirit that has experienced tragedy, so can an area. For example, holy lands and ancient sacred burial grounds where blood was shed will transmit heavy emotional and angry energy. Here is where your haunting will not be a pleasant experience. Hollywood Boulevard has a lot of history under its belt, especially the old historic Roosevelt Hotel. It has been said that many old movie stars are wandering the halls and rooms at the

Roosevelt Hotel.   Downtown Los Angeles also has a lot of spiritual activity and it’s not all great! Of course I’m talking from experience. 

Another place where there is no doubt spirits roam freely is the Queen Mary, in Long Beach. They just don’t wait it out till Halloween. They make it a point to greet the “human” guests as often as possible.

A lot of hauntings that occur - whether they are harmless bullies or evil spirits - can be a result of the location. Some locations have vortexes of energy that work as inter-dimensional gateways to other worlds and spirits.

Okay, so if you are panicking right now, please don’t. For the most part people don’t really notice the change in energy or the presence of spirits coming and going when they are in a vortex location. Unless of course you are being haunted or are energy sensitive.  

But I won’t sugarcoat it either. When you live in a location where there are vortexes of energy it can get very interesting. You can have a multitude of spirit activity. Spirits can move your stuff like keys and socks or go in to your refrigerator and look at your food (that has happened to me). You can have electrical and/or plumbing issues caused by spirits, just to give you a few examples.

Places like Las Vegas, Long Beach, Burbank, Florida, New Orleans have huge vortexes of energy and that generates a lot of spirit activity.  I once saw a spirit walk right out of a building in downtown Vegas. He was wearing a hat, nice pants, shirt and tie, and was caring a briefcase. And no, I was not drinking or doing any other substances.

Not all hauntings are daunting nor will all homes be haunted. Most spirits just want to be acknowledged. They just want a little attention. Acknowledging a spirit when you feel their presence is a great way to establish a relationship. Even your family and friends that just “pop in” desire a “hello,” so if spirits take the time to check in on you, make the time to say “hi.” Of course, this only applies if you can actually sense the spirit presence.  

It is important to be aware of your environment. Get to know and understand the history of the area where you live and work. It is also very important for you to know that if there is unwanted spirit activity in your house there are things you can do to clear your space and get rid of the pesky spirit. You do not have to be a hostage in your own home.  

Here are some simple and effective ways to keep your home clear. Sage and cedar burned together is a great blend and can keep a space clear.

Keep your home clean and make sure to de-clutter often.

Bring in fresh flowers. It is a great way to bring happiness and balance in your home.

Try to burn sage, copal, cedar frankincense, rosemary or sandalwood incense at lease once a week.

Placing crystals in your home where there is the most activity will maintain balance and clear the space.

Citrus sprays are great to use when you feel disrupted by nasty spirits.